About Us

What is TurnkeyRUs.com?
TurnkeyRUs.com offer thousands of resell rights, master resell rights, plr (private label rights), giveaway and personal usage products organized into diverse range of different categories. You will find products like eBooks, templates, graphics, scripts, software, turnkey websites and many more different products at TurnkeyRUs.com.

What is the membership that TurnkeyRUs.com provides?
The TurnkeyRUs.com membership allows user to pay a membership price and have unlimited access and downloads to every available products on TurnkeyRUs.com. Instead of having to purchase the product individually, our attractive membership system allow end user to save a significant amount of dollars.

If I subscribe to the TurnkeyRUs.com membership, will I have access to every available products?
Yes, with TurnkeyRUs.com membership, you will have access to all available products on TurnkeyRUs.com and any new products that will be available in the future.

Is there any per product or hidden fees?
No, there is no per product fee or any other hidden fees when you sign up to become a member at TurnkeyRUs.com.

I have signed up, how can I download the product?
Once you signed up, you will be immediately granted download access rights to all the products available on our website. To download the products, simply login to your account and click on the product details page of the product that you want to download. The download link will appear on the top of product details page.

What payment do you accept?
We accept payment via paypal and paypal accept credit card and debit card from majority of the country in the world.

Is there any restriction what I can and what I cannot do with the products?
Each different product is licensed under different license. The only way to find out the specific terms with regards to an individual product is by looking at the individual product licensing specific terms. If the product doesn't come with any specific licensing terms, then you will be granted a common normal licensing rights as what is specified on the product details page. For more license details please review below for explanation with regards to each different licensing term that you will find in different products.

What is Resale Rights / Resell Rights (RR)?
Resell right license give you the rights to resell the product but you cannot grant any further resell right license to your customers. In other words, you can only sell the product with personal usage license to your customers.

What is Master Resell Rights (MRR)?
This license grants you the right to resell the product with either basic resell rights or master resell rights license to your customers. In short, you can resell the product with resell right or master resell right license to your customers.

What is Private Label Rights (PLR)?
This license allows you to rebrand the products as your own and resell them to your customers.

What is Give Away Right?
This license gives you the right to give the products for free to the public.

* Please note the above description about each different licensing terms is not exhaustive as product author can release their product with different licensing terms attached to them. For instance, you can have a product with PLR license but you can also resell the product with master resell rights. The only way to find out the specific licensing terms on a particular product is by reviewing the individual product license file. 

* If you have further questions that are not listed here, please feel free to contact us.